Aviation Department

Our office has been involves in aircraft registration and mortgages for over a decade, improvement have been made in this sector for make it more accessible for private owners.

The Department of Civil Aviation is the regulator of this important transport sector.

As a result of Malta's membership in the EU, Malta has adopted:

  • The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICOA)
  • The European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC)
  • EUROCONTROL, and the Joint Aviation Authorities of Europe (JAA).
 Back Office Services

This department is geared to service organizations with office space, registered office, act as company director, company secretary and provides clients with support staff where necessary.

We take care of administrative work, general accounting and audit. This is also provided to companies registered outside Malta and wishing to have an operating presence in Malta.

 Business Development

Foreign investment in Malta has flourished through the years, and with the recent Business Promotion Act investors are discovering that Malta is a profitable business location.

We assist our clients to submit a business plan to the Malta Enterprise, we advise on the wide range of incentives including investment tax credits, business implementation, business location and recruitment of human resources.

 Company Formation

We offer advise on the incorporation of companies, and other types of partnerships. Through our longstanding collaboration with the Malta Financial Service Authority, we encourage our clients to make use of the benefits contemplated in the financial services legislation.

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Tax benefits for International Trading Companies and 
  • International Holding Companies.
  • Redomiciliation of Companies in Malta
 EU Consultancy

We offer this service in association with consultants with extensive experience in European Legislation, research is an ongoing process of this department.

We help our clients in their restructuring process. We also provide help in drafting of contracts and agreements with European counterparts, in accordance with European Legislation. We also provide ‘drafting of legislation' for government agencies.

We participate in EU projects under different programmes such as Sixth Framework Programme, Euro Med and other, we are in constant contact with potential partners, we also collaborate with government agencies mostly those involved in the Environment, Food Safety, Industry or directed to SMEs.

 Oil Industry / Our services

Oil Industry

  • Translation, legalisation and authentication of documents.
  • Assistance in the procurement of business or work visas to Libya.
  • Crew changes.
  • Hotel accommodation while transiting in Malta.
  • Meet & greet assistance at Malta International Airport.
  • Transport services.
  • Courier services.
 Permanent Residence

This is the most residency scheme available at the moment throughout the European Union. The Malta Residence Scheme is open also to non-EU Nationals without distinction.

  • No minimum stay
  • Annual tax EUR 4230 
  • No tax on funds not remitted to Malta
  • No minimum wealth requirement
  • No inheritance duties
  • A person can choose to rent property or buy property.

We provide a full service to all our non-Maltese clients who have the intention to apply for a residence permit in Malta. These include a low flat tax rate, exemption from customs duty plus other concessions.


Malta being a safe EU Flag has bilateral agreements with most governments where Maltese ships receive preferential treatment even for port charges and taxes.

Ship registered under the Malta Flag are exempt from all taxes from profits derived, that is owners and charterers are exempt from profits declared on the workings of the vessel.

Sales and transfer of vessels are also exempt from duties and there are no exchange control formalities even for third countries.

All the above applies to yachts and oilrigs as well.

Our shipping and aviation department is equipped to provide a complete consultancy service which includes: registration of ship/yachts and mortgages, finance, brokerage, chartering and leasing, also incorporation of ship-owning and ship-management companies. Due to the nature of the maritime business this department operates an emergency service on a seven day - twenty four hour basis.


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